Decommissioning & Restoration

The scale of the Challenge

A growing number of Oil & Gas assets are becoming obsolete or uneconomical. Oil & Gas companies face a period of deep transformation, fight for portfolio optimisation and venture into renewable energy.

Governments become increasingly worried that decommissioning will effectively happen and its impact on revenues. The supply chain actors are skeptical that expected Decommissioning work will eventually happen in a time frame that justifies their investment in dedicated capacity and innovation.


Shifting Paradigms open new Solutions

A new set of assumptions open a new approach in which the Oil & Gas industry responds together to a common challenge.


Roles of the independent
Decommissioning Company

We propose to establish an independent organisation to deliver prudent Decommissioning & Restoration outcomes at the most competitive cost.  It has three essential functions:

The initiative has been shared with major operators in the North Sea. Concrete proposals have been made in particular to Shell, Total and BP, who decided to evaluate the opportunity on their own for now. Our vision and our work is also being presented and discussed with major players in the Decommissioning supply chain, Industry associations and regulators in the most exposed countries, particularly the UK and the Netherlands.


Initial envisaged path towards an independent D&R Company



Clean Transition was founded by JB Juery and Frits Wolters building on their industry experience with Shell and other multinational companies.  Their vision and their commitment to a Clean Transition came from their assessment of the huge task ahead and the very material opportunity to leave a clean legacy whilst unlocking enormous economic value for all parties. They are convinced that a new form of collaboration is possible on a matter, which should be of common interest as the world transitions towards new sources of renewable energy. 

Clean Transition is in the process of being incorporated in a Dutch legal entity to enable the necessary contractual and commercial agreements with industry operators should they agree to support the initiative.



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